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It was a beautiful day to play outside, so we did! I discuss how my old Mid/Late 2007 MacBook Pro is handling the latest operating system for it, OS X Mavericks. Jacques was playing with the wagon and Amelia liked watering the plants! Amelia wanted me to take a picture of her and I would tell her to sit-up straight, and the pictures were hilarious! After nap time, we went back outside and played some more until we saw Mimi coming! Amelia got to ride in the front seat of Mimi’s car, and Mimi brought some Halloween toys for the kids! On the way back to the house, Jacques read the sales flyers that we got in the mail! Later that night, Amelia tried on her dress because she is going to be a Flower Girl in Nanny’s wedding. She looked super cute in it. Jacques gets to wear a baby tux! After my mom left, we had some more fun with a huge bouncy ball and Jacques was loving it when I was scaring him! Subscribe:

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