Baby Scared Of Party Toy

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I would be scared too if someone placed a blue thing with spikes in front of me lol.

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Sometimes its funny to tease babies. LOL. Little rubber lizard from gumball machine was torture for him.

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this is so funny.

(TOY STORE PRANK) Never knew people were so damn scared of TOYS Watch how fast people RUN!!!!

I didn’t think she would be scared of my old horse. I thought she would have liked it. But it was soo funny I had to record it. I even forgot what horses sou

My boy is scared of his helicopter toy.

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nearly 5 months old.

My dog discovered where she lost her squeaky toy from before our son was born. This is his reaction to the newfound noise. We have shelved the toy to make su

toddler baby scared at birthday singing, dimming of the lights and especially that birthday song.

This was the first time I showed her this toy. I thought she was going to get so excited but she didnt know what to think at first, then she got scared of it.

So we thought she loved dogsguess not! Haha!

My son had the choice of any toy in the toy store he picked Spike. When Spike Was brought home this is his reaction. Terrified of spike the dinosaur! speakin

Terrible tiger.

This was the perfect spider prank. Two pranks in one! First dad scares his daughters making them think a huge spider has bitten him. Two girls run as fast as

VERY scary.

our baby Poppy scared of a toy.

Poor baby is scared when the joker takes her present at her batman party. But batman wins and takes it back!

Funny baby gets scared lmao.

Christmas is over and the new year arrives. See how much fun these kids have celebrating the upcoming new year. New Years is the time for a new beginning. Se

Toy baby doll poppie scared of it lol so cute.

Baby scared of toy dog.

Cute baby scared of toy monster but manages to kiss it when she is asked to, very funny!!

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Xmas party with family.

The Emus and Sexy Sexy Sniper the Ostrich dance the tango against their greatest enemy: The weasel ball. Who will prevail To use this video in a commercial

Scaring baby Jace in party city. Gf was wearing a mask. A must see video Subscribe to my other channel: Follw me

The ”original” Devil’s Due! A young woman working in a medical clinic suddenly finds herself the unwitting assistant in the delivery of Satan’s baby SUBSCRIB

Girls play a scary prank on their dad and make him believe that someone broke into the window of the house house and robbed the big screen TV and slipped out

From their 1983 album Love Wars. This track was covered by Leela James in 2009.

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A baby girl is deathly afraid of bubbles. SUBSCRIBE: About toddletale: From the producers of America’s Funniest Home Videos comes toddl

Mommy’s Laugh isn’t good for anyone.

My son was crying and looking at the window we couldnt figure out whythen we realized the Mr. hanky stuffed toy on the window terrified him. He tried to c

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Kids love to play at Chuck e Cheese especially a toddler who loves to go in the tunnels and hang out with Chuck E Cheese himself. Kids have a small Halloween

A baby girl is terrified of her father’s burp. SUBSCRIBE: About toddletale: From the producers of America’s Funniest Home Videos comes


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