Don't Scare Your Cat With a CUCUMBER!

The latest viral cat trend sees cat owners placing cucumbers besides their unassuming felines while they’re eating…. Then once their kitty as finished their dinner it turns, notices the cucumber and is scared half to death!

While this seems like harmless fun at first, stressing your cat out like this is definitely no fun for them! … Dinner time is an enjoyable happy part of the day for your cats and intentionally trying to scare the bejesus out of them while they’re in this comfort zone isn’t very cool in my opinion.

The fear reflex of the cats is extremely strong and this could cause cats to do anything to get away from the “intruder” in their safe space … and a scared cat can do crazy things which could result injury.

It could also have a significant psychological effect on your cats too, so purr-lease refrain from trying this on your cats 🙂

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